Bat Mitzvah Photographer in Israel

My name is Mor Levi, photographer for a bat mitzvah in Israel, Haifa, Tel aviv and the Krayot,

📷 Bat mitzvah is a one-time event so it is important that a professional stills photographer arrives to preserve all the important moments,

צילום בוק בת מצווה בחיפה
Bat mitzvah photographer in Israel

📹 Added value to this event is a video recording that documents important moments such as entering with the families and a song or bat mitzvah dance, etc.

With me you will find the most beautiful places for Bat Mitzvah photography in Israel,

🖼️ The guests are important so you can give them a souvenir like high quality magnets or photo of wooden blocks.

🕮 I also offer clients to take a high quality designed digital album design and a canvas or glass image to hang in the room!

עיצוב אלבום דיגיטלי לבת מצווה
Bat mitzvah Photo album

🖊️ There is also the option of an autograph album at the event, so all the family and friends can write a dedication next to the photos from the book.

צילום בוק בת מצווה בקריות
Bat mitzvah photography in Haifa

Tips for Bat Mitzvah Photoshoot ⭐

צלם לבת מצווה
Bat Mitzvah Photographer in Israel

• It is recommended to determine in advance the number of clothes for the photos with the photographer.

  I recommend a minimum of 2 clothes to change, then all photos won't look the same.

Also for accessories / jewelry / sunglasses (if applicable).

You should determine in advance which locations the girl likes or prefers.

Its very important to bring mosquito repellent for outdoor photoshoot.

בוק בת מצווה
Bat Mitzvah Photographer in Israel

Regarding the time of departure for filming, it is worth checking what time the sunset depends on the season.

Great to go out for about 2 and a half – three hours before sunset so we manage to reach some locations.

The lighting will be difficult and dazzling and the weather can affect the case of a hot day.

If more family members want to join its possible!

An important tip for mom, bring the makeup along with you in case you need a touch up or repairs.

It is recommended to come with slippers to places that are difficult to walk.

צילום בוק בת מצווה בצפון
Bat Mitzvah in Northern Israel

For more questions about bat mitzvah photography and examples of additional photos or albums feel free to contact me 052-8583752  🙂

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