About Mor Levi

Events Photographer

My name is Mor Levi, my passion is photography and capture moments that filled with emotion.

When i was young, my uncle bought me my first Film Camera, with the camera i felt that i have the power to take meaningful and important moments that i like to look at even today.

Nowadays when i'm shooting at events like Weddings or Bar/Bat Mitzvah, i'm so happy to receive positive feedbacks from couples or customers and to see their reaction to my documentary of the events.

Its really important for me to have connection with the clients!

sometimes the connection is through the love for music, I really like to hear Classic Rock music like Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and even country artists like Johnny Cash.

I believe that photography need to be different and special, also you can book me for elopement photoshoot before the event.

I use the most advanced photography equipment in the world to provide and preserve the experience at its best.

I also combine DSLR video footage and other souvenirs from the event: fancy albums, Photos on canvas, glass photos and more.

Along with me comes a professional and experienced team that I have carefully selected to be with you throughout the day and provide you warm and family service.

Feel free to contact me or make an appointment and create a personal connection.

A photo is not only what you see, But also what you feel
Ansel Adams-

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